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Halloween Mini Party

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My mom is a  teacher, so during summer vacation we would head out to the fabric store and flip through books & books of patterns. Once my sister and I decided on what we were going to be,  she would then spend the rest of break sewing our costumes.  She did this. every.single. year. I NEVER had a store bought costume, not once. Amazing, right?!
When Halloween night would finally roll around, rain or shine (and it was usually a freaking monsoon because we lived in Oregon) we would proudly debut our handmade costumes while my mom took us
 “power trick-or-treating” (kind of like power walking, but in costumes). The woman would go crazy (seriously nuts). We would be tired & wet, and she would happily shout, “Just one more house! Come on, guys! Let’s do this!” Her enthusiasm was contagious, so we would hit one more house…..which usually ended up being more like ten.
When it comes to Halloween, my mom is the queen, and I love her for it. So, we thought we would send her a little care package this year. I grabbed some of my favorite things from the shop and wrapped them up all pretty**. Here is a glimpse at what she will be getting…..
halloween mini party in a box {stevie pattyn for shop sweet lulu}
halloween mini party in a box {stevie pattyn for shop sweet lulu}
halloween mini party in a box {stevie pattyn for shop sweet lulu}
halloween mini party in a box {stevie pattyn for shop sweet lulu}
Of course, this mini party would be the funnest thing ever if we partied with her on Skype ……..but my Mom and technology…….well, that is a long story that we will save for another time.
** The box shown is the kraft candy box from the shop. It was used for styling purposes only. If you plan to recreate this exact party in a box, please note that all the items shown WILL NOT FIT in this box if you want to close the lid.**
concept, styling & photography: stevie pattyn

4 thoughts on “Halloween Mini Party”

  1. The story about your mom is hilarious. I have to admit, we started a tradition of taking the easy way out…we head to McMenamin’s Kennedy School each year for trick-or-treating. The place is packed with families, they hand out candy at every doorway, and you can do it all with a glass of wine in hand while staying warm and cozy! 🙂 Perhaps when my kids get older we’ll brave the “outside, as God intended” style of trick-or treating!!

    The party-in-a-box idea is one of my all-time favorite concepts…kinda like when I get a box of supplies from your shop in the mail! Happy dance for all the cuteness. 🙂


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